Fastcorp Z400 Ice Cream Machine

Fastcorp Z400 Ice Cream Machine

The Z-400 can vend all ice cream novelty products, including ice cream pints, and can vend frozen food as well ! And with its guaranteed product delivery, the machine will automatically refund the customer’s money if product does not vend for any reason. The Z-400 is completely menu driven and user friendly. The onboard LCD display allows all machine information to be visible on a single screen.

  • 12 Selections Total
  • Built to UL Outdoor Standard.
  • Pricing Individual $.05 to $9.95
  • Product Capacity: Up to 400 bars.
  • Product Variety: Ice Cream Bars, Cookie Sandwiches, Frozen Tubes, Cones and other novelties up to 3 Lbs
  • Unique Chest Freezer Design – No Moving Parts.
  • Strong, Insulated Cabinet for Extra Security.
  • Electrical Rating : 115 Volts, 60 Hz, 10 amp, UL Compliant

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